Swingging a rope has been our profession, our dedication and our joy. RAS1 Ltd. is a qualified and efficient rope access company accenting strongly on low risk and high effectivnes. We are proud of the pro quality of work we perform in demanding situations and harsh environment with our tools, hands and a rope. Read more information about us.


Acces to different places can be a hard task to handle if you are not well equipped. But we are. Initial access systems are quickly installed and rope access team takes minimal time to enter and exit the site with much less impact on the environment and the structure itself with minimal cost to the customer. Access our team through the contacts information.


We offer you ready-to-go solutions. We provide Industrial Rope Access - High Level Inspection - Construction Installation - Corrosion & Fire protection - High Level Painting - Abrasive Blasting - Building Maintenance - Building Insulation - Facade & Windows cleaning - Filming & Photography - Banners & Signs - Domestic Services - Facade Access & read more.


We strive to be number 1 at what we do. Each and every professional on our working squad is fully trained and certified. We offer an efficient and cost effective way of working at any height, allowing for different types of work to be carried out in a proficient and secure approach. Our manifold projects & partners can testify why we are number 1 at what we do.


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